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A9 Roadworks: Gelly Overbridge Two-Way Traffic Signals

LISTEN: Gemma Montrose explains what to expect from tonight’s road works

As work continues on the A9 dualling, Highland Perthshire can expect more two-way traffic lights in stretches where Transport Scotland are preparing works as part of the project.

Transport Scotland is reminding Highland Perthshire residents that that two-way temporary traffic signals will be in place on the A9 on approach to the Gelly Overbridge from Wednesday 7 October and Thursday 8 October between 8:30 PM and 06:00 AM.

Project sponsor for Transport Scotland, Gemma Montrose, said: “We’re placing the temporary traffic signals from half-past eight at night until six am each morning, and that’s to allow us to remove temporary works for the overbridge.”

This will allow Transport Scotland to ‘safely remove formwork’ above the carriageway on the Gelly Overbridge.

A Transport Scotland spokes person said: “These works have been scheduled overnight to reduce disruption and we ask road users to approach the traffic management with care.”

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