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Aberfeldy Awarded £5,000 for Countryside Access

Digger at work improving the railway path Image Courtesy of PKCT

LISTEN: Andrew Barrie explains how PKCT plans to spend this funding

Shoppers at the Co-Op have raised money Perth and Kinross Countryside Trust to improve access into the countryside in Aberfeldy.

The £5,000 donated to the cause will ‘introduce signage and make paths more accessible for everyone.’

Andy Barrie, PKCT’s Strategic Routes Officer, said: “Especially given the situation we all find ourselves in with the Covid-19 pandemic, we at PKCT are incredibly grateful for the generosity of Co-op shoppers in the Aberfeldy area towards our Cause to improve access to the outdoors in the area for everyone.

Now the work is going ahead with the help of the Upper Tay Paths Group to improve both cycle and walkways.

Mr Barrie added: “No one should be denied the opportunity to enjoy the incredible countryside because of ability, so we aim to install self-closing gates, level out paths, improve drainage, and more to ensure everyone can explore outdoors.

“Being outdoors is also great for physical and mental health and wellbeing, and wonders like the Birks and River Tay are certainly excellent places to enjoy nature and unwind.”

Work planned ahead includes sections of the River Tay Way, a long-distance walking route which links Perth, Luncarty, Stanley, Dunkeld and Birnam, Aberfeldy and Kenmore.

This all links up as part of a daisy chain throughout Highland Perthshire.

Upper Tay Path Group volunteers working on a bridge Image Courtesy of the Upper Tay Paths Group

These paths are proving to be popular as Mr Barrie explained: “We’ve noticed that more people are using the countryside, so these paths that we work on and develop are becoming more important.

“More people are using these paths, and lots more people are buying bicycles, so cycle paths are being used more widely.

“So, you’ve got the health agenda, there’s the local economy, tourism’s really important, so having quality access for everyone in the countryside is just a really important job to be doing.”

The trust is very grateful for all of the support behind the fund raising which makes their efforts possible.

Mr Barrie said: “I just want to thank the community in Aberfeldy for supporting the Co-Op community that’s raised this money for us.

“We’re really grateful for them and I’m looking forward to working with the Upper Tay Paths group to improve access to Aberfeldy area.”

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