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Aberfeldy Community Council Backs New Sports Clubhouse Plans

LISTEN: The Aberfeldy Community Council discusses plans for a new clubhouse in the town

Plans for a new sports clubhouse by the Highland Perthshire Sports Club are being backed by the Aberfeldy community council.

In a meeting on September 7, the council unanimously agreed to back the plans after trustees presented their plans to run the clubhouse with the ambition of offering catering and other amenities.

Meeting with the community council was Keith Moncrieff who said: “I would emphasize that the land of which the new clubhouse would be built currently is in the ownership of the golf club, and the golf club files supportive of what we’re doing.

“At some stage there will need to be a special general meeting of the golf club and in order that the land can be transferred to the trust. The clubhouse would then be run by the trust for the benefit of everyone.

“And we then provide hopefully a catering service, which would benefit everyone and profits from would in due course or hopefully distributed to participate in clubs.”

Although at the moment these are plans which are hoping to be made as part of the formal process.

Mr Moncrieff added: “We’re not nearly at the stage of making a submission for planning yet at that stage.”

These proposals were warmly welcomed by the community council who are now offering their formal support in writing to help with the plans.

Community councillor, Elaine Murdoch said: “I think the idea in principle seems good. Obviously, as Keith just said, it probably depends on the members of the golf club agreeing with the proposed development.

“And obviously, as you said, the clubhouse needs updated and Aberfeldy would really benefit from a new clubhouse to entice new members and new people along, it can only be a good thing.”

Confirming the council’s backing, community council chair, Victor Clements explained: “It sounds like we can give you a letter, Keith, and we can say the community council unanimously endorses the principle of what you’re trying to do.”

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