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Aberfeldy Community Council Has Say in No Mow

LISTEN: The Aberfeldy Community Council has its say on PKC’s no mow plans

The latest meeting of the Aberfeldy Community Council saw the group discuss the ‘No Mow, No Spray’ proposal and suggest alternative plans the council could consider to the benefit of the area’s biodiversity.

Members of the community council also emphasised the feedback they had personally had from locals approaching them in person to discuss their objections to the proposal.

Chairman Victor Clements said: “The council are looking to trial no mowing in two areas. One is along the steep banking in Victoria Park which actually hasn’t been mowed for quite a number of years now.

“What they’re suggesting they won’t do is they won’t strim around the trees. I don’t think there’s a big problem there.

“The other area that is a big problem is the eastern approach to the town. 

“It’s obviously not a small thing, it’s a really big thing.

Following a visit to the area ahead of the meeting, Mr Clements explained an idea to solve the hotly debated issue.

Victor Clements added: “The solution that Jim has come up with is there is a piece of ground that the council cut the grass on the western end of town just before you come to the roundabout there between the road and the Tay there’s a piece of ground in there that’s a launching pad for the rafts and canoes.

“Jim’s idea is that we ask the council to swap the one at the eastern end of town and swap it for the one at the western end of town.

“It’s a piece of ground that is not as visible. It’s dominated by tree’s which is going to have some kind of moderating effect on the vegetation underneath and there’s a good chance you would get some genuine biodiversity on the back of it.

Vice Chair, Lorraine Reed said: “Councillor John Duff explained Perth & Kinross Councils rationale behind the decision and why it is an important one.”

Councillor John Duff said: “This is not about the council cost cutting this is part of our statutory requirement to reach net zero carbon emissions by 2045 as a council.

“We have a climate change action plan which lists a whole host of potential actions that will help the council mitigate against carbon emissions some of which are obviously unavoidable.

“It’s not about cost cutting, it’s not about the council not doing it so let’s get the caravan site to do it for us we’re deliberately not cutting it – not to save money – but to try and increase biodiversity within Perth and Kinross.”

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