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Aberfeldy Explains Car Hire Scheme

LISTEN: Emma Burtles explains how Hiya Car works – Photo Credit: Shutterstock

A new scheme is looking to free up cars parked on driveways to give neighbours and people in the community the chance to travel by motor across Highland Perthshire.

Tomorrow night (November 23), at the Aberfeldy town hall at 7pm, the Upper Tay Transport Group is working with Hiya Car to explain how the scheme works.

Emma Burtles, development officer for the Upper Tay Transport Group, said: “So tomorrow we have an event which is an information session, really, about an initiative called Hiya Car.

“And it’s a national platform that enables people to rent their own car out to people in the community.

“So, it’s a wee bit like Airbnb when it started, and you could rent out your spare room. So, when you’re not using your car, you can rent it out and other people can use it.”

By renting out cars in the area, local drivers can earn back from their car, help friends and neighbours to get to places which would otherwise be inconvenient.

Emma Burtles explained some of the benefits of sharing a car: “It also has an environmental benefit because there are a number of people that perhaps sometimes could have two cars usefully, but one car is fine most of the time.

“So, it could enable people to just actually not have a car at all, or only have one car in their family, but have access to a local car when they need it.”

But for people who can’t drive or are considering other options, the Upper Tay Transport Group is also promoting a platform which connects local people with other drivers for the chance to get a lift.

Emma Burtles added: “We’re also promoting Liftshare, which again is a national platform to encourage people, to offer and look for lifts from each other.

“We’re not trying to undermine the bus service here at all, but it’s often for if people have to go early or late or longer trips.

“So more people use it and it becomes a really positive option locally.”

More information can be found on: https://www.uppertaytransport.org/

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