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Aberfeldy Residents Raises Money for Dun Coillich Through Tree Nursery

Aberfeldy Residents Alisa, 10, and Clara, six, have launched a fundraiser to raise money for the Dun Coillich Land trust through a project call the Wee Tree Nursery.

The pair have been running the fundraiser from their home on Kenmore Street in Aberfeldy by collecting saplings from their garden and asking locals to donate trees, bushes and other shrubs which people can take in exchange for a donation.

Ailsa has been telling us about how the project got started saying: “After I was home schooled during lockdown, me and my younger sister Clara, we made this project call our Wee Tree Nursery.

“So basically, just outside of our front door we put a chair with lots of tree, and people could come take a tree and put in a donation. Last year we the donations were for Trees for Life, and we raise £300. This year we’re donating for Dun Coillich Community Land Trust”.

The pair will be collecting donations until the October/the end of the year and people can collect trees and donate by visiting the Wee Tree Nursery and donating in the collection box at 34 Kenmore street.

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