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Access to Disabled Parking in Aberfeldy comes under Criticism

LISTEN: The Aberfeldy Community Council share their views on access to disabled parking in the town centre – Photo Credit: James Denham

Access to disabled parking is coming under criticism in Aberfeldy with various road users occupying disabled parking spaces which are said to be unclearly marked.

One community councillor, Val Ferguson, raised the issue when she suggested that she’s having difficulty accessing her residence because of blocked off parking.

She said: “There is certainly not enough parking, and as for the two disabled bits, something has to be done.

“I have tired time and time again to get parked at the square and I think I managed once since it went in, because there’s either lorries or vans or just people parking.

“And nobody actually knows it’s disabled.”

Another member of the community council agreed that it’s unclear which parking spot is supposed to be for people with disabilities.

They added: “It’s defiantly not clear Val that’s it’s disabled.”

The Perth and Kinross Council also agree that enforcing rules on parking and painting disabled bays will help improve the issue.

A spokesperson for the council said: “The project to regenerate the square in Aberfeldy follows ongoing collaboration and engagement between Perth & Kinross Council, Aberfeldy Small Business Association (ASBA) and Aberfeldy Community Council, with the key aim to help support and sustain local economic growth. Proposals for the square focussed on reducing parking provision in order to help facilitate a flexible space for use by people, businesses and cultural events.

“A number of disabled parking bays were retained in the Square to continue to assist both residents and visitors with disabilities. We are continuing to monitor the usage of these bays and will include repainting of bay markings in our programme of works, and take enforcement action if any motorist parks illegally.”

However, while the parking remains unclear, as members of the community council understand it, the chair thinks the problem has a short-term fix.

Victor Clements, the community council’s chair, thinks that some of the people behind the disruption are making the mistake and probably wouldn’t if they knew they were.

He explained: “So there’s two things here, to me the people who park where they shouldn’t be parking are mostly either locals or workmen. So it should be possible for us to get to those people.”

Mr Clements claims that most of the people who are making the mistake are in distinctive vehicles.

He added: “But most of the people parking there are sitting in big SUV’s or work vans, so they should be easy to get to and they’re mostly locals I think.”

Between the members of the community council, the solution seemed to be sought by repainting the lines and reminding people not to park where they shouldn’t be.

Another member, Karen MacKay, added: “You see it in so many supermarket car parks, those big, yellow, obvious things, and what people are sued to seeing; so why wouldn’t you put them here.

“There’s precedent like the ones at the campus for example, they’re very obvious, that would make sense there.”

Mr Clements concluded: “Let’s have a look at it, the priority there is for people who need them like Val and others.”

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