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Amazon Prime Scam Hits Pitlochry

Photo Credit: Ketut Subiyanto

LISTEN: Cathy Marshall explains what the scam is and what you can do to keep yourself safe

Residents in Pitlochry are reporting that someone posing as Amazon is trying to fool them into thinking that money was coming out of their account.

One resident had a phone call from someone claiming to be from Amazon, ‘saying that £79.99 was about to come from our bank account and to press 1 to speak to an adviser’ says the local neighbourhood watch.

Cathy Marshall, from the Pitlochry Neighbourhood Watch, said: “In all these cases the caller is a crook trying to gain access to your money or your computer, so just put the phone down and delete the email or text.”

The nationwide neighbourhood watch group, Neighbourhood Alert, first reported the scam from the Forth Valley area and now it seems to have made its way into Highland Perthshire.

Mark Armstrong Community Support Officer, NW Scotland explained in this instance the scammers had managed to find a victim in a man from the area.

He said: “They claimed that there had been fraudulent activity on his account and he was due a refund.

“They then asked him to press button 1 and be transferred to a supposed Amazon employee who would deal with the refund.

“It then escalated from there and he was asked to turn on his computer to facilitate the refund and complete a form. 

“After some time he then realised they had breached his fire wall.  They had gained access to his bank account because they had taken control of his computer.

“He cancelled all of his cards but it could had been catastrophic. He could not shut down his computer.”

Fortunately, the Pitlochry locals reporting their own experiences did what every person facing a scammer should do.

Just as Cathy Marshall said, ‘so just put the phone down and delete the email or text.’

However she added: “I’m affair that over the festive period the scammers will not be taking a break so we still need to be very careful.”

More information on how to stay safe online can be found on: https://www.ncsc.gov.uk/

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