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Amber Snow Warning Issued throughout Scotland

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An ‘amber snow warning’ is being issued across Scotland this morning as snow drift accumulate along roads and the eastern wind raises the risk of blizzard conditions.

Persistent snow showers could lay between 5-10 cm on the ground, with between 10-20 in places high above the ground.

A spokesperson for the Met Office said: “The cold weather looks set to continue for much of this week and we are seeing snow showers push into the eastern half of the country.

“We are starting to see some signals for some more persistent snow showers through tomorrow for central parts and have just issued an amber warning for snow.

“We will continue to monitor the forecast and we cannot rule out further escalations in other areas over the next couple of days should we see an increase in the likelihood of seeing impacts from the snow showers.”

An amber warning is likely to see disruptions in traffic as railway lines pile up snow blocking the tracks.

Road surfaces can become slippery and unsafe, even for unconfident and experience drivers alike.

And while people should only be leaving to make essential trips, people should consider the necessity of their journey before travelling into a potentially hazardous environment.

Moving into Wednesday, their spokesperson said: “We will continue to monitor the forecast and cannot rule out further escalation to amber in other areas should the likelihood of impacts increase.”

However, whilst an amber weather warning has not been issued, the yellow weather warning for snow persists as snow continues to fall across the country.

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