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Atholl Centre Offers Free Coats For Winter

Assorted Cloth Lot

The Atholl Centre in Pitlochry is offering free warm coats as part of an effort to keep members of the community warm this winter.
With energy bills on the rise, those at the centre wanted to do what they could to help out anyone who may need a proper jacket against the cold.
Helen Kirkwood, manager of the Atholl Centre, said: “We started this at the beginning of October after a visit from the reverend Beth Baker from the Episcopal Church.
“She came up with the idea to ask for coats, and we had the space. We have been inviting people through Facebook to offer coats they no longer need, or if they just have too many. Some people have even donated new coats, unbelievably.
“We then began inviting people who are needing to get a coat this winter and who may be struggling with finances.
“We are trying to invite people to share. You might just find something. You might want to swap with the coat you have on.”
The appeal has been so successful that the centre is now on the lookout for another coat rail to accommodate the number of donations.
Helen is keen to emphasise that the coats are being donated with the intention that they will be used, and nobody should feel like they cannot find a coat and be warm this winter.
The Atholl Centre is open 10 am to 6 pm from Monday until Saturday.

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