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Atholl Country Life Museum Appeal for Volunteers

LISTEN: Kirsty Bruce from Atholl Country Life Museum speaks to Elah Cohen about the need for museum volunteers, and what makes the museum so unique.

The Atholl Country Life Museum are looking for volunteers to help them continue to inform locals and tourists on what life in Blair Atholl used to be like, and to help extend their opening times.

Volunteers play a vital role for the organisation, in helping to maintain an integral part of villages history which is of immense value in this ever-changing world.

Kirsty Bruce from the museum explains what the volunteers would be doing at the museum: “it can be from manning the desk, which involves sitting at the desk and welcoming people as they come in, to help clearing up a bit, arranging the exhibits, to carrying out general museum duties.”

John and Janet Cameron founded the museum in the early 1980s, after growing concerned that the traditional way of life in Atholl was being forgotten. The museum attracts tourists and locals alike each year with fascinating exhibitions from farming, to the much-loved Trinafour post office.

Kirsty Bruce notes that the museum is, “really popular with locals, because it is an old school house and they see their relatives photos”, and “with visiting tourists because a lot of people like to track down their ancestors from the area, and its really nice when we can help them with more information about that.” Which demonstrates the museum’s importance in offering and maintaining people connections to the area.

Those interested in becoming a volunteer can visit the Museum’s Facebook page, or contact Eric on: 01796 481775.

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