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Author Mark Bridgeman Gives Sneak Peak into his New Book

LISTEN: Mark Bridgeman shares what’s coming up in his next new book

Local author Mark Bridgeman has recently completed his latest book based on an intriguing former resident of Highland Perthshire.

Mark’s previous books such as The River Runs Red and Blood Beneath Ben Nevis illustrate the colourful past of Highland Perthshire and introduces readers to the unknown history of the places around us.

Mark said: “I gradually picked up stories over the years as I’ve lived here. I’ve just been fascinated with the depth of history – how far back it goes and the colourful nature of the history.

 “There’s so much conflict and there are supernatural elements to it and folklore elements.

“There’s lots of mention of local places you know graveyards and churches roads houses Hills lots of places where things have happened which always, I think gives people a lot value. They like to go and look at things and so they’re almost like a guide to visiting these places as well because there’s so much information about where these things have happened

Following the success of his previous books, Mark was inspired to dig further into the history of one of the stories in The River Runs Red.

For now, the illusive figure remains top secret, but Mark shared some behind the scenes teasers with us:

“I was so intrigued by him that I went and investigated the rest of his life.

“I managed to get in contact with someone who is a descendant of him but still lives up in Aberdeen still alive and managed to get hold of some police archives and some other army records and military records.

“I’ve been tracing this guy around the world have been found at all the things that he got up to in his life

“This guy isn’t a well-known person; nobody would have heard of him, but his life story is probably the most unbelievable story I’ve ever ever had the privilege to write or to read.

“This guy story takes him from Scotland here to Ireland to the First World War to the Arctic regions of Russia to Paris during the 1920s to various struggles around the world over and it ends up in Canada it’s an unbelievable story.

“If it was fiction you wouldn’t believe it could all happen to one person but it’s actually a true story.”

Mark Bridgeman’s works can be found at The Watermill in Aberfeldy, Adventure Into Books in Blairgowrie and Waterstones in both Perth and around Scotland.

You can follow Mark for updates on: facebook.com/MarkBridgemanAuthor

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