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Avoiding the Risks of Scam Calls

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Residents of Highland Perthshire are being urged to remain award of the threat of fraudulent calls attempting to have funds transferred to unknown accounts.

This type of activity is known as Authorised Push Payment (APP) which results in a victim being contacted by an unknown person claiming to be from their bank or Police who in turn convinces them to transfer funds to a third-party account.

Safety guidance from Perth and Kinross Police stated:

“Nobody from your bank or the Police will ever contact you and request that you transfer money from your account or reveal personal/financial information over the phone.”

The fraudster often falsely claims the victims own bank account has been compromised and therefore they must move the funds to ensure the safety of their money.

The victim may also be sworn to secrecy as part of the ‘ongoing investigation’ and may be told to invent false reasons for transferring the money if questioned by bank staff.

Perpetrators of these crimes are professional and will come across as authoritative and convincing.

If you receive a suspicious call, just hang up.

If you feel the need to contact your bank then do this from another phone as fraudsters can continue to hold your phone line so that when you think you are calling your bank, you are in fact still speaking to them.

For further information and tips on staying secure, please visit: https://www.scotland.police.uk/advice-and-information/scams-and-frauds/

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