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Basil Death Trust Offers Grant of £3,000 for Local Groups

LISTEN: William Jackson and Irene Masterton explain what the Basil Death Trust does

After he passed away, businessman Basil Death, pronounced like teeth, left a trust in his legacy which aims to help local groups in need of some financial support.

Settling down in Strathtay, he instructed William Jackson to chair the trust which he aimed to advance, education, disadvantaged lives, lives at sea, the military and the Roman Catholic faith.

Now groups across Highland Perthshire, who don’t need to fit within this scope, can apply for a grant of up to £3,000.

Mr Jackson explained: “It’s a terrific honour to be involved in this. I knew Basil Death who was a businessman from the south who always had a great affection for Highland Perthshire and in his retirement, he moved up to the village of Strathtay and was very well thought of in the local community.”

Local groups across Highland Perthshire, alongside some other interests of Mr Death’s, were a great passion for Mr Death.

Irene Masterton runs the administration of the trust and she explained the process: “I read each and every application that came in and it was quite clear that COVID had quite an impact on the communities as a whole. We actually have applications twice a year, the trustees meet twice a year, they tend to meet in March. And then again in September, October time.”

During the pandemic the group got to see just how important it is for local communities to be supported so that they can help support local people. And now they want to become a greater driving force behind that support.

Mr Jackson added: “There are a number of organizations which have had a difficult time over the last year, but certainly where I live when all of this was at its height, everybody was there helping each other saying, ‘can we go to the shops for you?’ ‘Can we go and get this for you?’ Everybody there felt a great community feeling.”

More information on how to apply can be found on the Basil Death website: https://www.basildeathtrust.co.uk/

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