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BBC Scotland Show is Looking for Highland Perthshire Dogs

Photo Credit: Lum3n

A Scottish Production company are looking for dogs from across Scotland to take part in their programme for BBC Scotland.

Red Sky Productions, the people behind Scottish programming such as ‘Susan Calman’s Happy Space’, are putting together a show on dogs of all shapes and sizes; and from all over, including Highland Perthshire.

A spokesperson said: “Long hair, short hair, curly hair or no hair! Fluffy furry or smooth we want them all!

“Whether your dog is mixed breed, half breed, or no breed we need you and your four-legged friend!”

The production company have made shows for Channel 4 and the BBC and now they’re looking for local dogs to join in them for their new show.

Their spokesperson added: “Red Sky Productions will be scouring the regions of Scotland looking for dogs and their human families to take part in a new entertainment series for BBC Scotland focussing on the unique bond between dogs.”

Anyone looking to get involved can email: scotdogs@redskyproductions.co.uk

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