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Breadalbane Academy Gives its Own Jazz Take on Mr Blue Sky

WATCH: The higher music class explain how it all came together

The Breadalbane Academy’s jazz band has come together to create their own unique take on an iconic pop song, Mr Blue Sky.

This jazz rendition of the classic summer song by Electric Light Orchestra has taken on an exciting new transformation and the student’s passion and sense of fun really shines through.

The students spoke excitedly of their efforts:

“We made it as a cover by our school jazz band, from S1-S6, all the people that played instruments came together and recorded our version of Mr Blue Sky.

“The original has all vocals, but we have no vocals on ours. It’s strictly a big band style so lots of brass instruments and some pretty cool guitars as well.

The class were unable to be in the same room to collaborate so through a tremendous team effort and support by staff, they were able to create not only a unique cover but a fun, upbeat music video to remind us of all of the joys of summer.

The students continued:

“We used a greenscreen most of the time and inflatable dolphins and stuff to give more of a relaxed summer feel to it.

“We green screened ourselves into different places. No one can really go on holiday, so it was kind of putting that into the video.

“We all helped each other and learned a lot about the technical side of music.

“We couldn’t all record at the same time. We couldn’t all be in the same room together which made it really hard because music is all about being with people and being around each other.

“We all had to record separately in our own studios. It was tough but we fought through it and we’ve done it so it was good and it was done over four weeks.

The past year has been difficult on students Worldwide when not only do students have the typical pressures of exams but also COVID.

The class were able to harness their talents in this project and use it as an outlet to express themselves and create something positive.

The class added:

“Music for us is a way of fun and self-expression in a way.

“Jazz can be what you want it to be.

“We are picking songs for our exams that we either connect with or we really like and it’s all quite relaxed.

“It’s a way for you to express yourself, in your own way. It makes you different from everyone else.

“When you’re playing, you’re somewhere else. You’re not always thinking about school and the stresses that come with it and COVID. You’re just thinking about what you’re doing right there, playing your instrument.

“The main part was letting us do this gave us a break of the school pressures of being back and being forced into such stressful exam time. It was a good little rest in the middle to just do something fun especially for seniors who have trudged through this whole thing.”

The music video of Breadalbane Academy’s take on Mr Blue Sky will soon be available on YouTube.

The students hard work is a testament to the enormous talent we have in Highland Perthshire, and this is the list of musicians we will remember when, in future, they have their name up in lights:

Mirabel Powrie – Tenor Sax (Solo) Clarinet, Flute

Padraig Cowan – Alto Sax

Hazel Martin – Tenor Sax & Flute

Arthur Banks – Alto Sax

Amelie Storstien – Flute

Chloe Dow – Alto Sax

Rosalie Thirsk – Baritone Sax

Natalie Campbell – Flute

Olivia Reynolds – Clarinet

Susie Glover – Alto Sax

Brodie Blackhall – Alto Sax

Joseph Ruddy – Cornet

Johnny Anderson – Piano

Dillon Barrie – Drum Kit


Mr Nicholson – Pedal Steel

Mr Seith – Trombone/Trumpet

Mr Turnbull – Trumpet

Mr Thorne – Bass, Guitar & Woodwind

Video Directed & Edited by Mrs Thorne

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