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British Army Captain Passes Pitlochry in Cross UK Challenge

LISTEN: Captain George Bromley talks Beeline Britain

A British Army Captain is walking, swimming and kayaking through the UK in a straight line, cutting through Highland Perthshire on the way.

Captain George Bromley came up with the idea two years ago after he broke his neck in a game of Rugby.

Now he’s passed through Highland Perthshire on his way to John O’Groats after starting his trip in Cornwall, to raise money for veteran’s charities.

Captain Bromley explained: “I was playing Aberdeen, and it was for my local unit, and I lost the use of my arm, my left arm at the time.

“I was a bit unsure about what, what my career was going to do and everything surrounding that.

“And when I started to make a recovery, I realized that perhaps I’d taken quite a lot for granted to be honest, you know, I wasn’t as fit as I could be, I wasn’t where I wanted to be in terms of exploring or adventuring.

“And I wondered, ‘well, why don’t I set a challenge where I go across the UK?’ And then that’s when I started researching how people have gone from Land’s End to John O’Groats, and then it just evolved, and evolved and evolved from there.

“That was about two years ago, just short, two years ago, it all started.”

Captain Bromley is the first person to attempt the challenge, moving in a straight line, solo. He started the challenge by kayaking the Bristol Channel.

He said: “But I wondered if it was possible to do it in a straight line, or straight line as possible considering nature, and I stumbled across a group called Beeline Britain quite nine years ago had attempted it.

“And they used kayaks and support boats and vans and bicycles and, things were getting picked up and dropped off and they completed it. Bless them.

“And I wondered, I just kept questioning, ‘could it be done without all that?’ ‘Could it be done as a solo attempt?’

“And so far, yes, but I’ve had to, I’ve quite a lot in terms of how I’ve got across to where I am.”

After his kayaking proved to challenging for some of the trip, Captain Bromley joined someone sailing to the Isle of Man. As part of the deal, Captain Bromley tillered the boat throughout the trip.

Now Captain Bromley is crossing the Scottish Highlands and passing through Highland Perthshire, cross country, along the way.

That’s so he can reach Ben Macdui before embarking across his next body of water between Lossiemouth and Wick.

He explained: “So, I’m going to just kind of beeline towards Pitlochry. The reason for that is there’s easy access Pitlochry and Kingussie and that can then get you through to Ben Macdui, which is like that second highest peak. And the beeline goes straight over.”
He added: “It will be cross country all the way up to Pitlochry, unless there’s an issue that I just can’t I can’t cut through something. And then I have to pull myself back to get onto something like the A9 to go up.”

“But I’ve been on the A9 a lot, I’ve driven it a lot, and it’s not really somewhere you want to be walking. So, there’s quite a lot of roads out there that you just don’t want to be walking along.

“And I thank all the Scottish drivers for not hitting me. So, but I don’t know how long my luck will hold.”

More information on Captain Bromley’s challenge can be found on: https://www.forces.net/services/army/army-captain-takes-record-breaking-straight-line-challenge

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