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BT Open Reach Scam – ‘Just Ignore it and Delete it’

The Pitlochry Neighbourhood Watch is warning locals of a scam where fraudsters threaten to visit target people’s homes if they don’t respond to their messages.

These scammers are posing as representatives of BT Open Reach, texting and calling local people’s homes to intimidate them into giving over personal information.

One coordinator of the neighbourhood watch said: “One of our neighbours has reported a variation on the usual BT Openreach scam.

“What was particularly alarming about this scam was that she received a number of text messages to her phone which included the suggestion that a representative would call at her house (with the specific time given).

“She realised that it was a scam but called BT who assured her that it was nothing to do with them. Although it was probably said in order to stimulate a response (e.g. press 1), it is clearly a concern that someone might in fact appear at the house.”

Now the neighbourhood watch has passed their concerns onto Neighbourhood Watch Scotland and are spreading the message to just put down the phone.

They say that the strategy to push victims into pressing the number or by threatening to appear at a door step is all to pressure people into making mistakes they might have otherwise made.

Cath Marshall, of the neighbourhood watch, said: “This one has a new and what could be, unnerving slant to it (viz. a representative will call at the house). 

“We suspect it is just another ploy to panic the recipient into responding. You may wish to let your members know to look out for it and if received, just ignore it and delete it.

“Although scammers may contact us by text, phone or email, they do not know the associated address of those they are contacting (usually randomly).

“I have let Neighbourhood Watch Scotland know about it.”

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