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Businesses React to Lockdown Lifting

Photo Credit: Photomix

The First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon, announced that hospitality can continue serving for longer hours, venues can reopen and that hugging is permitted again.

Now 6 people from 3 households can meet indoors in places such as cafes or restaurants, all shops can open as well as tourism accommodation.

This announcement is being met with mixed reaction from local business, they say the change is welcomed but the support offered since March of last year was lacking.

Vicki Unite, the chief executive of the Perthshire Chamber of Commerce, said: “For businesses in Perthshire it is a welcome step on the road to recovery and in particular the tourism and leisure sectors, but it is certainly not time to pop the champagne corks yet. The travel industry will be operating on an extremely restricted schedule and through a much narrower window, but at least this provides some optimism going forward.

“It is welcoming too – for operators and patrons – that cinemas can start to reopen and wider leisure activities can resume.”

However, she says that the continuing support is not enough for some of the businesses she represents.

Vicki Unite added: “Inevitably though some businesses will still be unable to open their doors and it is vital that the Government continues to offer support to those who remain badly affected and that appropriate grants are available as soon as possible.”

However, the reopening of Scotland’s economy, particularly for key sectors within Highland Perthshire, has come about from the applauded vaccine roll out across the UK.

Speaking on why Scotland can now leave the current restrictions come the start of next week, May 17, Nicola Sturgeon pointed to this same success.

She said: “First Minister Nicola Sturgeon said: “The success of the vaccination programme, and continued high compliance with the various rules and restrictions, means that we have seen continued suppression of the virus in the last three weeks. As a result the situation overall is a very positive one, and we are now in a position to relax more restrictions and restore much more normality to our everyday lives.”

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