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Cabinet Sectary Wants to See the Relationships Mended ‘Sooner, Rather than Later’ Between Highland Perthshire’s Campers and Farmers

Photo Credit: Richard Webb

Listen: Cabinet sectary for the rural economy and tourism, Fergus Ewing, talks about what more can be done about dirty camping

Fergus Ewing, the cabinet sectary for the rural economy and tourism, met with the Perthshire Chamber of Commerce to discuss issues facing Highland Perthshire.

He say’s that he hopes the relationship between campers and farmers can heal after the dirty camping episode plaguing Highland Perthshire’s beauty spots.

Mr Ewing told the chamber’s round table session: “It has been a very busy Summer for many in the rural parts of Scotland, and sadly the behavior of a few, the so called ‘dirty campers’, has tarnished the reputation of the many.”

During his talk, he said ‘they’ve caused a lot of trouble’, pointing to damage, pain, lots of human waste, human waste, inconvenience and lack of consideration when using the road as issues dirty camping has brought to Highland Perthshire.

‘The relationship needs to be repaired’ and Mr Ewing wants to see rouge campers get it together to do their part.

Kinloch Rannoch’s loch conservation officer and campers tell their side of the story.

LISTEN: George Anderson, from the Woodland Trust, explains why dirty camping has such a negative impact on land owners.

Campers are not the only group Mr Ewing is looking too for a solution, he says that the public sector can do their part to improve facilities and make it easier to be a respectful camper.

Mr Ewing wants to see ‘better provision of services’ for disposing of rubbish, for parking and overnight parking.

These have been some of the biggest issues as roads lock up with parked cars on roadsides which has caused Perth and Kinross Council to ban the practice in some areas such as Kenmore.

LISTEN: Mid Scotland and Fife MSP, Murdo Fraser, gives his thoughts on the reaction to his debate in parliament regarding dirty camping

Finally, Mr Ewing suggests that farmers can do their part too, since, in his view, they are probably some of the best people to handle the situation.

The Cabinet Sectary said: “Farmers, and crofters too, can do their part to repair the relationship can actually play their part to be a part of the solution.

“After all, farmers and crofters have the land, which can readily be made available in many of the places where we have the pressure, to provide many of these facilities. At probably, farmers would do it, at a far less a cost than some public sector bodies might.”

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