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Cameron McNeish Becomes Perth and Kinross Countryside Trust Patron

LISTEN: Cameron McNeish explains why he’s passionate about the Perth and Kinross Countryside Trust and Highland Perthshire

Getting people into the heart of the countryside and the countryside into the hearts of people

Starting off in the tenements of Govan and rising up through the mountain ranges of Ben Nevis, Cameron McNeish has lived it all and now he’s celebrating Highland Perthshire’s outdoors at the patron of the Perth and Kinross Countryside Trust.

Cameron McNeish has built a career off his honest and experienced writing from hillwalking, hiking and climbing Scotland’s mountains.

From reimagining the White Cart River as a boy he’s showing off the very real majesty of the lowly banks of the River Tay Way right up to the very peak of Schiehallion.

Cedric Wilkins, Chair of PKCT’s Board of Trustees, commented: “It is thrilling to welcome Cameron at this exciting time for PKCT as we develop the new active travel routes of the River Tay Way and from Bridge of Earn to Newburgh, as well as continuing to manage and maintain the Cateran Trail, Perthshire Big Tree Country and a range of conservation, biodiversity and climate change-related projects across the area.

“We will be celebrating our 25th anniversary next year, which Cameron will champion and help us make a big shout about.

“As we work to get people into the heart of the countryside and the countryside into the hearts of people, we can think of no finer personification of this aim than Cameron. He is an inspiration for all those who love the outdoors, and I know that everyone will join us in welcoming him.”

For Cameron, the countryside is out there to be enjoyed. And after this last year, there’s no better time to reconnect with nature and explore all of the wonders which Highland Perthshire has to boast.

It’s the trust’s attitude which drew Cameron into joining them. For them, they want to bring the outdoors into the heart of people.

He explained: “More than anything else is, you know, it’s getting people out into the heart of the pasture countryside, which I think is important.

“The trust has a little leaflet that says getting people into the heart of the countryside and the countryside into the hearts of people.

“And, you know, that’s something that I’ve been doing for a living for 45 or 50 years is trying to encourage people to go into these wonderful landscapes that we have here in Scott.”

Moving forward Mr McNeish wants to educate more, he thinks that children getting into the outdoors and enjoying the countryside is the future of protecting the environment.

By showing children at a young age, he trusts that they’ll learn why it’s important to have, first, and appreciation of the environment but also how to preserve it.

He added: “We have to teach our youngsters at school about how to behave in the countryside. I don’t think banning will do any good at all.

“I think we have to educate. And that’s one of the things that attracts me to being patron of the Perth and Kinross Countryside Trust because as well as being a contribution organization, it’s an educational organization as well.

And gives us an opportunity to perhaps go into schools and go into youth clubs and tell youngsters, how would you behave in the countryside for their good, for the wildlife’s good and for the good of the people who actually live there.”

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