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CANCELLED: Pitlochry New Years Street Party is Not Going Ahead Because of COVID-19

The Pitlochry New Years Street Party has had to cancel this year’s celebrations because of uncertainties surrounding the coronavirus.

Each year the street party hosts live music and ceilidh dancing down Pitlochry’s main street Atholl Road.

However, this year, Cathy Joss, the celebrations chairperson, announced: “It is with heavy hearts and tremendous regret the committee of the Pitlochry New Year Street Party have made the decision to cancel the event on 1st January 2021 due to the ongoing uncertainties surrounding the coronavirus pandemic.

“The overriding priority of the committee is for all Pitlochry residents and visitors to feel and remain safe – whilst continuing to enjoy what the town and its environs has to offer.”

“The committee encourages everyone to follow local guidelines during this time and continue to extend a warm welcome to all visitors to our Highland Perthshire home.

“Further updates will be posted on Facebook and local publication as plans are made for a bumper ‘post-COVID celebration’ party in 2022.”

One centrepiece to the celebration is the raffle which brings prizes from local business around the area.

Prizes include nights at local hotels, breakfast, dinners and lunch, along with golf rounds, gin and more.

People from all parts of the community come together to help celebrate the dawn of a new year.

A mainstay of every night has been the volunteers who have helped make it all happen.

Mrs Joss added: “Thank you to everyone who have contributed to the success of the Pitlochry New Year Street Party since it’s humble beginnings at the start of the new millennium. Good health one and all.”

Hear what Cathy Joss has to say below:

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