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Car Owners Urged to Remain Vigilant Against Thieves

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Vehicle owners in Highland Perthshire are being urged to take extra security steps following a ‘number of incidents’ in the local area.

Chief Inspector & Local Area Commander, Graham Binnie, said:

“Following a number of incidents last week involving acquisitive vehicle crime this week’s bulletin focuses on securing your car and protecting your possessions; particularly pertinent as we transition from summer to autumn and face darker evenings which provides increased opportunity for criminals to operate.

“Permanently mark any valuables you use in the vehicle, such as a Satellite Navigation System (Sat Nav), with your postcode and house number/name.

“You can register all of your equipment at www.immobilise.com.

“Fit a car alarm.

“Use locking wheel nuts to prevent the theft of your wheels.

“NEVER leave your car unattended to defrost windows with the keys in the ignition. Many car thieves actively target this – even first thing in the morning when darkness can provide cover. Any insurance claim could be adversely affected as it may be considered driver negligence. It’s also an offence to leave a car unattended on a road with the engine running.

Drivers are also urged to remain vigilant when refuelling at petrol stations at this is often a place thieves seek to target.

Chief Inspector Binnie added:

“Always remove keys from the ignition and lock your car if you need to walk to the petrol station shop to pay for your fuel.  Again, some car thieves actively lookout for insecure cars that can easily be taken from the forecourt and any insurance claim could be affected.”

Awareness of items left inside your vehicle plays a key role in safety. Items such as Sat Nav systems, cash, personal correspondence, or mobile phones should be stored away safely and out of sight.

To stay up to date on reported crime in the area, please visit: https://www.pkcommunitywatch.co.uk/

Further guidance on securing your valuables can be found via Police Scotland’s dedicated webpage at: https://www.scotland.police.uk/advice-and-information/your-valuables/

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