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Shopping, Chippy Runs, Jigsaw and Book Shares, the Pitlochry Baptist Church is Here to Help

LISTEN: David Barrie explains how the Pitlochry Baptist Church has been helping support people in their community

With the Coronavirus restrictions confining many of Highland Perthshire’s vulnerable indoors, the Pitlochry Baptist Church is teaming up with the local COVID support group to help others in need.

Teaming up with the Pitlochry and Moulin Coronavirus support group, the Baptist church is helping to make sure that the elderly and vulnerable can get their shopping safely and help in any way they can.

David Barrie, the Baptist church’s pastor, said: “People still get their prescriptions picked up, and we would still go and help pick up shopping form the Co-Op and other places about Pitlochry.

“I even remember one call where we had to go to the vets, I think it was, and pick up ferret food.”

The volunteers are there to help in any way which they can, big or small, everting involved recognises how challenging it is to be stuck indoors.

Mr Barrie explained: “Ealy doors, that felt like it was a very important thing that we needed to do.

“But then there were other things that happened, a book sharing scheme, a jigsaw sharing scheme, the chippy run, which ran for a number of months.

“And that was less about providing food for families, who really needed it, it was more about a treat, it was more interaction.

“Dedicated people would phone up the most vulnerable, mostly seniors in our community, and just ask them if they would want a chippy from the place to be.

“More often than not, they would be on the phone for fifteen, twenty, thirty minutes, because it was that human interaction.

“Maybe that coordinator phoning someone to see if they wanted a chippy was the only person they had spoken to that day.”

And now that the restrictions are keeping in place, people considered to be vulnerable are being asked to stay indoors and non-essential travel is further restricted, the support group is welcoming more volunteers into the fold.

To know who needs help there is a phone number which is manned throughout the week for anyone who wants to ask for some help, be it shopping, a pharmacy run or even just a word on the line.

Anyone looking for support from the group, or is interested in volunteering their time to help, can call the team on: 01796 475333

The line is open from 9:00 am until 5:00 pm in the evening, for seven days a week.

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