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Christmas is Not Cancelled in Dunkeld

LISTEN: Gillian MacEwan tells us what else to expect from Dunkled and Birnam this Christmas.

Although Santa has been asked to ‘take a gap year’ from this year’s Dunkeld Christmas party, for his own and everyone else’s safety, Christmas is not cancelled in the town.

The Dunkeld and Birnam Events Group are determined to ‘keep the spirit alive’ this Christmas by holding a series of Christmas themed virtual events.

Gillian MacEwan, the group’s sectary, says: “Despite the fact we’ve said we’re not going to be running Santa day, we are going to be running some virtual events, and some other events in the lead up to what would be Santa day.

“So we’ve got a few things that we’ve gt planned, and actually, we’re all getting quite excited about it now because it’s something a bit different and we don’t want people thinking Santa’s forgotten about us.”

Among the online plans coming up include the best dressed pet and best Christmas jumper competition.

The best jumper competition is divided up into categories for adults as well as a separate category for children because as Gillian says ‘the children are always really cute, so its really difficult to judge the kids.’

She adds: “What we’re asking people to do us dress up as a family in your Christmas jumpers, take pictures, and either post them on Facebook you can give out the email address as well.”

The group has run this competition before with prizes, and this year is no exception, Gillian says the kids ‘always get sweetie or get something’ but they always try choose one boy and one girl winner.

Gillian says ‘they all look absolutely brilliant’, thinking of some of the adult winners Gillian couldn’t help but remember three guys who turned up dressed together.

One dressed as an elf, the other as Santa and the third was dressed as the Grinch, ‘people want to be apart of it, they want to be involved’ says Gillian.

The important part of this years prizes is keeping it local, so this years prizes will be vouchers celebrating the ‘fantastic local shops’ in the area.

Gillian explained the message of this year is: “We’re keeping the magic alive, by having all these things happening, we want people to shop local. But above all, we want them to keep safe.”

To get in involved in some of the prizes and competitions running this year find the group on: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1534355576680980

Or email: dunkeldsantaday@gmail.com

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