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Community Action Plan Aims to Help Develop Pitlochry

LISTEN: Lesley Campbell explains how the CAP works

The future of Pitlochry looks brighter than ever as the town prepares to action a Community Action Plan, assisted by STAR Development Group for forward planning and shaping the future of the community.

STAR (Small Town and Rural) Development Group have a combined experience in assisting in the implementation of Community Action Plans in over 150 towns over 25 years.

Senior Consultant at STAR Development Group, Leslie Campbell, said:

“Pitlochry has been offered this opportunity as a community to come together and take stock of what’s important now, what’s important in the future – to work together collectively – organisations that currently exist, individuals that are interested in working collectively to create this 5 year plan.

“The support, funding and resources for the work are coming from Perth & Kinross Council and Rural Perth LEADER European funding and they bring resources to community in rural Perthshire through a programme of community action planning that has been on the go for just under a year.

Photo Courtesy of STAR Developments

The Rural Perth & Kinross LEADER Programme that helps to fund Community Action Plans is a community led funding programme aimed at increasing local support through: Enterprise development, Skills development, infrastructure improvements, landscape, natural environment and cultural assets improvement, local services improvement and active people and community’s development.

An estimated allocation of £3.8 million is being administered by the Rural Perth & Kinross LEADER Programme for various projects.

Leslie Campbell continued:

“We’ve worked with around 150 communities across Scotland and the west of Ireland over the last 25 years to do this work and prepare community action plans.

“We have a lot of experience, a lot of expertise, tools and methodologies that have worked in other communities and we bring that to the communities that we work in.

“Other communities already have these resources and support and are preparing these community action plans so Pitlochry is at a point of thinking about joining this programme and being part of it.

Photo Courtesy of STAR Developments

Successful examples of Community Action Plans can be found all over Scotland from Dunkeld & Birnam, Crieff and Ayrshire.

Ms Campbell added:

“We’ve been doing a good bit of Work with people and individuals who are interested in this opportunity and we’ve ben letting them know about what it involves, what their role would be, what support is available to them and what the benefits would be and how other communities are getting on with it.

“It’s been a lot of information sharing up until now but we’re now at the point of getting started.

“We don’t do it all ourselves, we don’t do it to a community. We bring these tools, templates, processes, and we work with the community to help them implement the processes and to tailor the processes to make them work best in their community.

“We are there as facilitators and mentors along the way.

For more information on the Rural Perth & Kinross LEADER Programme, please visit: https://www.pkc.gov.uk/article/14701/Rural-Perth-Kinross-LEADER-Programme

Anyone looking to join the meeting tonight can contact: RuralLeader@pkc.gov.uk

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