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Community’s Fundraising Helps Zip Line Off the Ground

LISTEN: Murray Trail explains what the lines will be like after the lockdown lifts

Following a successful Crowd Funding campaign, Highland Fling Bungee has completed development of their exciting new zip park adding another attraction for visitors to Highland Perthshire.

Managing Director of Highland Fling Bungee, Murray Trail, said: “The actual main construction of the park is completed and has been probably since last week.

“Now we’re just doing all the bits and pieces and sort of snagging jobs

“We’ll be ready to go for the 1st of May.

The team at Highland Fling Bungee have worked hard during lockdown to not only ready the park to meet COVID safety for returning guests but to add this new feature for locals and visitors alike to enjoy.

Reflecting on the past year, Murray said: “If you had to give one word to sum it up it would be hard. It’s been very financially difficult to get through this. The fact that we’re twiddling our thumbs, most of the time is frustrating, but has to a certain extent been alleviated by the build of the zip park there hasn’t been a huge amount of thumb twiddling going on during that time

“It’s just been really frustrating for everybody involved and that’s not particularly anything that will surprise anyone, I wouldn’t imagine because it’s been the same for everybody.

As restrictions ease and visitors begin returning to Highland Perthshire, Murray champions community support in promoting other local businesses to allow the local economy to thrive, adding:

“The longer people stay in the area, the more spend they will make locally, which is ideal for everybody.

“When somebody comes to do a bungee hopefully, they do stay a night or two, and they get those accommodation providers get a slice of the pie as well as do the gas stations where the people fill up your tank, as does the SPAR or the CO-OP where they buy their food or wherever they happen to be staying and then vice versa.

“We’re just looking forward to a good season. We hope all the businesses in Pitlochry do well this year. We’re all on the same boat here – everyone’s found it hard. No business that has been involved in tourism or hospitality or retail has done well out of this whole COVID situation so we just, wish them all the best as well and hopefully we’ll all have a good 2021.”

To contact Highland Fling Bungee, please visit: https://www.bungeejumpscotland.co.uk/

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