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Could Aberfeldy Become Scotland’s Healthiest Town – Local Practitioners Hope So

LISTEN: Callum Leese explains how the village can take steps towards becoming Scotland’s healthiest town – Photo Credit: PixBay

A group of Aberfeldy GP’s have come together and created a new initiative to turn the town into the healthiest town in Scotland.

Inspired by Worldwide ‘blue zones’ – where people are healthiest and live longest – the group of GP’s hope to inspire people in Highland Perthshire to implement just four simple steps to improve our health and happiness.

Trainee GP Callum Leese said:

“Along with some colleagues in Aberfeldy we’ve been struck by the increase in obesity and decreasing physical activity and the worst thing of these is like diabetes over the pandemic. It’s not just COVID itself it’s often the other health problems that have suffered as a consequence of COVID.

“I think it’s not a question of what needs to be done, or it’s not a question of does something need to be done by a question of what needs to be done.

“And so we kind of came up with this crazy idea of, of trying to make Aberfeldy Scotland’s healthiest town.

Callum Leese is joined by GP David Ashcroft, Retired GP and counsellor Angus Cameron and Jonny Will – an advanced paramedic in Aberfeldy in the mission to make Aberfeldy the healthiest town.

The four elements of the healthiest town initiative are:

  • Eat well
  • Move Often
  • Connect with others
  • Find Balance

Mr Leese added:

“We think of fit and active as running triathlons or doing a 10k, whereas actually what the research has shown is that just moving on walking lots as part of your day-to-day life taking the stairs instead of belief is, is much more important and can result in living longer and feeling better.

“There’s loads of stuff going on in Aberfeldy as it is added so it’s just trying to bring that to the fore, so people are aware of it. There’s a new walking group which are being run by Live Active that meet outside The Birks Theatre on Thursday mornings, and their lead groups, they’re brilliant with just getting used to a brilliant wave of learning more brilliant ways of just introducing yourself into walking.

“There’s a great bunch of people in Aberfeldy that are getting some electric bikes and bike hire available for locals, just to persuade people to get on their bikes and start eating right.

“What we’re asking is just to get as many local people in involved in talking about it as they can to encourage each other and to come up with ideas of how we can do it better.

|We don’t, by any means have all the answers and we’re just hoping that Aberfeldy the wonderful community that already exists can get on board and give us a hand.”

For more information or to get involved, please visit: https://www.healthiesttown.org/

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