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Council Cracks Down on Fly Tipping

Cracking down on fly-tipping, the Perth and Kinross Council is punishing people with fines for littering and encouraging locals to dispose of their waste sustainably.

They’re doing this by teaming up with the local surrounding councils in Dundee and Angus to help tackle the problem together.

Perth & Kinross Council Environment and Infrastructure convenor Councillor Angus Forbes said: “Fly-tipping is a serious crime that harms the environment.

“If you hire a waste collector, please make sure they are registered with SEPA. It is your responsibility to make sure waste is disposed of properly and if this doesn’t happen then it could be you that ends up fined. Your waste is your responsibility.”

Right now, people caught fly-tipping can face anything from a £200 fixed penalty to a fine of £40,000 if prosecuted.

This is because it poses a threat to wildlife, pets and livestock as well as pollutes the environment.

But there are options for safely disposing of rubbish too, as the council explained: “If you have items you want rid of but can’t fit them in your wheelie bins there are three options for responsible disposal: 

  • Good quality items can be donated to local reuse organisations or can be sold on sites like Facebook marketplace or Gumtree 
  • Household waste can also be disposed of for free at your local recycling centre. Check with your council for opening times and advice on using vans or trailers. 
  • You can also arrange a special collection from the kerbside for bulky items. Again, check your council over what can be collected and the cost involved. 
  • Businesses must pay for the disposal of commercial waste, whether through kerbside collections or at a recycling centre.”

Anyone who comes across fly-tipping can report it to council on their website: https://my.pkc.gov.uk/

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