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Council Offering use of Gritting Barrows in Highland Perthshire

Photo Credit Francesco Paggiaro

LISTEN: John Duff explains how people can help their local communities this Winter

Perth and Kinross Council are offering gritter wheelbarrows, free training and safety gear for people across Highland Perthshire who want to help their communities out with what winter weather can do to roads.

Salt gritters can be borrowed from the council to help spread grit and salt in spots where locals in towns and communities know best for them.

Highland Ward Councillor, John Duff, said: “As part of our winter maintenance programme, the council has a limited number of push-along barrows available which community volunteers can use to salt pavements in and around their local area.

“The council will provide the barrow and a bagged supply of salt or grit together with a yellow jacket and gloves and a brief training lesson.”

The barrows are avilable to anyone who is willing to help and Mr Duff says all that they need to do is get in touch to find out more.

Mr Duff added: “If anyone is interested in volunteering their help they should either contact myself on jcduff@pck.gov.uk or contact one of their local Councillors.”

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