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Council Warns of ‘Dangerous’ Bin Waste

Photo Credit: Bob Clark

One of Perth and Kinross Council’s bins caught on fire on Wednesday while collecting rubbish in Perth’s city centre.

The fire hasn’t left anyone injured and the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service safely extinguished the contained blaze.

However, the council are now reminding locals that they should be careful about the types of material’s they’re throwing into their bins.

In short, batteries, hot ashes or ashtrays and gas canisters are all dangerous waste to throw into Kerbside bins.

A council spokesperson said: “Batteries should be removed and recycled. Ashes and ashtrays should be left to fully cool before placing in a bin.

“Gas canisters should be disposed of in line with the instructions on the cylinder. If there are no instructions, we recommend you contact the manufacturer or a local specialist waste company.”

More information about hazardous materials can be found on: https://www.pkc.gov.uk/whatcanberecycled

The council spokes person added: “The Council would like to thank the Fire Service for its assistance, and residents and businesses for their on-going compliance with the guidelines.”

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