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Council Warns of Flooding as Ice Melts

Perth and Kinross Council is warning locals of flooding throughout Highland Perthshire and beyond as ice and snow melts across the country.

Warming temperatures are causing the ice that’s built up from last weeks ‘Beast from the East’ to melt and run into towns and villages.

Mark Butterworth, Perth & Kinross Council’s Head of Environmental and Consumer Services said: “Our focus is currently on snow clearance and our current priority is clearing the road network.

“But we know melting snow can bring a risk of flooding with it depending on the rate of the thaw.

“We would urge all residents to visit our website and take what measures they can to protect their homes from flooding should the thaw happen quickly.

“We have a standby out-of-hours service but the more steps people take to protect homes now, the better.”

Mr Butterworth added: “We have closed the floodgates on the South Inch in Perth and all of our staff are trained and ready to act if SEPA flood warnings show more gate closures are required

“There are a number of factors that influence the volume of water that passes Perth, including snowmelt and rainfall in the far West of Scotland, where, fortunately, they have not had the same amount of snow as us.

“If water is collecting on the road, it could just be because the drains have been blocked by piled up snow. Clearing this away can help prevent flooding.

Although, temperatures are expected to remain below 0c in many places, so roads could remain icy.

But since the council don’t know just how quickly the temperature will rise, any possible flooding could come very suddenly.

The council even have sandbags at the ready to respond to any sudden or sporadic flooding.

Perth & Kinross Council is taking a number of steps to alleviate the risk of flooding but residents are urged to sign up to Floodline alerts and follow SEPA flood alerts and MET office forecasts.

Mr Butterworth added: “The Local Resilience Partnership meets to discuss severe weather as necessary, and we will update residents through our website and social media.

“We hope, as in 2010, the snowmelt does not cause any major issues – we are as prepared as we possibly can be, but need support from all our residents to be prepared as well.”

Both the Council and Scottish Water are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and can be contacted for assistance in flood emergencies.

The Council’s customer service centre can be contacted for assistance during office hours (8.45am to 5pm) on 01738 475000 and the out of hours emergency number is 01738 476476.

Please contact Scottish Water via the Scottish Water customer helpline on 0800 077 8778 or e-mail.

For non-emergency enquiries, please e-mail.

For further advice and information on flooding please refer to the Council’s Flooding webpage or refer to our FAQs.

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