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Councillors Call for Suspension of Perth’s Twinning with Pskov

Two Councillors are showing their support for Ukraine by proposing that twinning links between Perth and Russia are suspended until the occupation of Ukraine is over. 

Perth has been twinned with Pskov in Western Russia since 1992 with the motion, following numerous sanctions being placed on Russia at all levels of government. 

The motion was proposed by Councillor Xander McDade who said: “Whilst we appreciate that many of the Russian public don’t support this illegal war, unfortunately one of the only ways we can level pressure on the regime is to impose economic and cultural sanctions.”

“The motion also calls for us to strengthen our links with our twin towns and cities after the invasion hopefully comes to an end and using that to maintain peace in the future.” 

“At the moment we don’t feel it’s appropriate for us to have governmental and civic relations with members of Putin’s own political party and people who are supporting these illegal actions.” 

The proposal also suggests that no formal invites are issued to the Russian Ambassador or Consul General. 

Moreover, the councillors have expressed a desire to ‘adopt’ a Ukrainian city to direct local support efforts with a long-term goal to twin with them when the conflict is over.

Councillor Grant Laing, seconder of the motion, said: “I think it’s extremely important we show our solidarity with the Ukrainian people.”

“I think it’s already been demonstrated that this action will be fully supported by members of the community.”

“I’ve heard of areas that are collecting for refugees being overrun by people brining food and clothing in.”

“As councillors, I think we’re just helping to back up the sentiment of the populous of Perth & Kinross.”

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