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Crannog Centre Granted Planning Permission to Begin Rebuild

The Scottish Crannog Centre located on the banks of Loch Tay have received the go ahead to begin rebuilding the destroyed Crannog roundhouse and to develop the site with a new museum.

Just over a year ago the 25-year-old reconstruction of an iron age Crannog was destroyed by a fire, with planning consent now granted by Perth and Kinross council for the redevelopment project to go ahead.

Mike Benson, the Museum Director, hopes to start welcoming visitors to the new site at the beginning of next year’s tourist season, saying: “We are doing what the Crannog dwellers 2,500 years ago would have done, thanking our lucky stars no-one was hurt, packing up our treasured belongings, and moving to build a new home, one which has more depth and a deeper sense of belonging in its landscape and community. The aim is to have 1000 fingerprints and 1000 voices over all we do.”

The redevelopment features ambitious plans including a new Crannog reconstruction, alongside a large iron age roundhouse and village, and a new visitors centre including a museum, café and shop.

The redevelopment will be build using materials found within walking distance of the site, including reed from the Tay and timber from nearby Drummond Hill, with the aim of not only providing opportunities to promote and develop traditional skills and building methods but also to train a new generation of craftspeople.  

To find out more about the Scottish Crannog Centre visit www.crannog.co.uk

Proposed Plan and Elevation for a Crannog.
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