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Cyclists Urged To Register Their Bikes On Tracking Database

blue and white mountain bike parked on side of dirt road

Police Scotland are encouraging all cyclists in Highland Perthshire to get their bikes registered on the Bike Register database app.

Bikes are an expensive investment and so whether you have purchased it as a piece of training equipment, for recreational use, or as your mode of transport, having it lost or stolen can be very frustrating. The Bike Register app allows Police Scotland to input a bicycle’s VIN number, and if the bike is registered on the app, return it to its rightful owner.

Police Scotland have been working with Bike Register for the last seven years and during this time policing teams have held bike marking and registration events across the country in order to encourage people to register their bicycles on the database.

Since last month, all frontline officers have been able to download the Bike Register app on their phones and use it to check VIN numbers on the database. Not only has this provided the police with a full list of all registered bikes in the country, but it has also allowed them to check if a bicycle is in the possession of the rightful owner instantaneously.

Should a bike be found in the possession of someone who is not the registered owner, the police can work swiftly and appropriately to deal with the situation and ensure that the right course of action is taken.

To find out more about registering your bike and to upload it to the database, visit www.bikeregister.com.

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