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‘Dangerous’ Road in Dunkeld Bans Parking

Perth and Kinross Council is prohibiting drivers from parking on the A984 Tay Terrace/Boat Road, to the east of the Dunkeld Bridge, with immediate effect.

Tay Terrace/Boat Road is the road is on the first right following on from the Dunkeld Bridge and the council has chosen to prohibit parking since parked cars can ‘compromise emergency service vehicles.’

The Dunkeld and Birnam Community Council is calling the announcement ‘great news’ and deeming the road ‘dangerous.’

A spokesperson for the Perth and Kinross Council said: “The Perth and Kinross Council as traffic authority being satisfied that there is a likelihood of danger to the public due to parking of vehicles compromising emergency service vehicles. Hereby prohibit all vehicular traffic from waiting and loading (on both sides) on the following length of carriageway.

“The order will prohibit traffic from waiting and loading on the A984 Tay Terrace/Boat Road, Dunkeld from its junction with the A923 Bridge Street (302684, 742580) to the property known as Eastferry (303300, 742272), a distance of 713.88 metres or thereby. This order comes into immediate effect.”

The council is closing the road to parking in order to allow emergency vehicles access in the area.

A spokesperson for the council added: “There has been an ongoing issue with members of the public illegally parking on road side verges, preventing access for emergency vehicles and blocking footpaths forcing pedestrians to have to walk on the road to pass the vehicle which causes a safety hazard. As such we have issued an order prohibiting all vehicles from parking on both sides of the road on the A984 Tay Terrace/Boat Road in Dunkeld which comes into immediate effect.”

The Dunkeld and Birnam Community Council are investigating ways in which road safety could be improved in the area

In 2020 the community council’s road safety sub-committee found that many local people were concerned about the safety of the local roads in a survey conducted in 2020.

In 2020, chair of the Traffic Sub-Committee, Andrew Cave, explained: “So the kind of issues that keep coming up again, and again, relate to things like speeding through the urban area, say the 20 mile per hour zone, and whether that should be extended different types of enforcement and traffic coming measures. So, you know, ideas around some new speeding camera locations.

“There’s also interest in what gets called some living streets, ideas around houses, or have more mixed use streetscapes. So a mix of sort of pedestrian usage and uncertain traffic coming to reduce the speed of vehicles through the built up area.

“So a number of suggestions around that, a lot of ideas around cycling and how to make cycling safer and more accessible and Dunkeld and Birnam through a combination of sort of cycle pathways and sort of different practices like that.”

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