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Dunkeld Community Council to Discuss Towns Traffic Saftey

LISTEN: Andrew Cave explains why Dunkeld’s a busy town for traffic and how people get involved in having their say on the solution.

Every month the Dunkeld Community Council hold a meeting on the second Monday of each month and this week will focus on the issue of traffic in the town.

After work has been undertaken by the community council to identify the sources of the problems, this month they will discuss possible solutions to the problems by inviting the community into the discussion this coming Monday.

Chair of the Road Safety Sub Group, Andrew Cave, said: “This is a really important time to be thinking big and I think, all communities should be thinking about how we develop over the next five to ten years.

“And in so doing I think it can be quite an optimistic time, there’s a surge of interest in sustainability and local enterprise.

“And if there’s a way that we can harness the energy that’s come out of community activism and COVID response groups, I think that will be a fantastic legacy from the lockdown.”

Everyone is welcome to join in the discussion, to do so, interested people should get in touch with Mr Cave to register their interest so that they can join in on the zoom link.

To get in touch, email: andrewpcave@icloud.com who will notify the council’s secretary and they will forward the details to interested people.

There’s a range of solutions to the traffic problems which will be discussed during the evening.

‘We’ve tried not rule anything out’ says Mr Cave, the session is about ‘inviting people to come and offer up suggestions.’

Suggestions include everything from introducing a 20 mile per-hour zone, rethinking how the bridge can link the community over the River Tay, changes to the priority of parking and more.

Some of these ideas come into conflict, but Mr Cave adds: “It’s why we need to run a wider consultation with the community to try and reconcile these can of issues and come up with a solution.”

Starting at 7pm, the meeting welcomes everyone who is interested in having their say, and those people should contact either dbcc.correspondence@gmail.com or andrewpcave@icloud.com for further information.

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