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Dunkeld Hotel’s Guests Raise Over £50,000 for Trees

LISTEN: Peter Quinn explains how the Big Tree Country programme raises money for trees in Highland Perthshire

Guests at the Dunkeld House Hotel have raised over £50,000 for the Perth and Kinross Countryside Trust’s (PKCT) efforts to plant and maintain trees.

By offering guests an extra charge of £1 to their stay, the Dunkeld House Hotel has raised this money for the trust’s Big Tree Country campaign.

PKCT’s director, Peter Quinn, said: “We’re entirely grateful for these donations because without these donations we couldn’t continue the work we do, and those trees would not be available for future generations to see and enjoy.”

The Dunkeld House Hotel is one of many supporters behind the scheme ‘which works to conserve some of the world’s most threatened conifer species by planting their saplings in safe-havens across Perthshire’.

Now the fund raiser has brought in total more than £400,00 for trees in Highland Perthshire since it started 2007.

Arnold Schnegg, Managing Director of Dunkeld House Hotel, said:

“Dunkeld House Hotel appreciates all the effort and hard work that the Perth and Kinross Countryside Trust do for our beautiful area.

“Our tree history stems back to 1737 and 1830 when the Dukes planted up to 27 million conifers at Dunkeld House Hotel.

“They also funded plant-hunting expeditions around the world, the results of some of which can still be seen on the grounds today. 

“So, 284 years on, we still believe we must look after and maintain all the beautiful species of trees that we have on our 280-acre estate. 

“However, we could not have done this without our wonderful guests. Each guest that has contributed to the Trust over the years, we would like to put out a massive thank you to every one of you.”

Planting these trees has a larger impact on Highland Perthshire’s countryside since a big part of the trust’s remit and effort in planting trees is improving access.

Not only is it a part of their mission statement but this has to happen to help make planting the tress easier too.

Mr Quinn added: “We really cannot thank the Hotel and all its guests over the years for their ongoing support of the supporter scheme, dedication to Perthshire Big Tree Country and for working with us, especially given the difficult times that have faced the hospitality industry in 2020.

“£50,000 is an outstanding sum to have raised and has allowed us to develop access to and look after Perthshire’s incredible trees – stunning examples of which can be found in the hotel’s grounds.”

More information on the project can be found on: https://www.pkct.org/Pages/Category/perthshire-big-tree-country

And a map on the seasonal changes of trees in the area can be found on: http://map.pkct.org/

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