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Dunkeld Man Set to Finish Cross Canadian Hiking Challenge Within Weeks

WATCH: Michael Yellowless shares his experience walking through Canada so far

Michael Yellowlees is walking from Vancouver Island to Newfoundland with his dog, Luna, to raise money to help combat climate change.

He’ll be crossing 5,000 miles of Canada in support of Trees for Life who specialise in restoring habitats in Scotland.

Michael explained: “So, I am raising money for a charity called Trees for Life, which are a charity replanting native Woodlands, restoring habitats and reintroducing species to the Highlands in Scotland, as well as giving back to our Homeland to our country it is also a way of me getting in part of the fight against the global climate crisis that we’re all facing right now.”

This is not the first time Michael has pushed himself to the limits. He’s walked through the Highlands before, and this helped give him the drive to chase after his dream.

He’s encouraging anyone with a passion to follow their dreams, he said: “I think you can always, you can always go further than you think you can. So maybe advice to anyone listening, if you do have a dream, if you’re thinking of something that is very much just a dream, just keep going with it and see where it will take you. Because I think, yeah, you can always do that a little bit more than you think you can.”

During his journey, Michael and Luna have found themselves in the Canadian wilderness among the company of bears and wolves at night. But Michael says they became a very welcome sight.

He said: “I mean, with the wolves and bears, they want their own space for the most part. They’re very elusive, you know, they want to keep themselves to themselves. Once you overcome that fear of that it’s actually really exciting and nice to be in their company.

“And actually, in future, down the road, I’d love to see wolves was returned to Scotland, but I think it would suit the landscape that we have here very much so.”

It’s a massive undertaking, but all for a worthy cause. Trees for Life are very active in Highland Perthshire and are calling for our approach to beavers to be reconsidered.

Michael explained: “If you go to the Highlands, if you go to the Highlands of Scotland, you look at the Hills there and there’s a lack of life in it. You know, it’s quite a, it’s almost a northern hemisphere desert in the Highlands in Scotland. I don’t think we think of it that way. I think we need to maybe look at it differently, but it is kind of like that, but I would just love to see more life in Scotland. You know, we’re renowned for our rainfall, so we should be absolutely bursting with life.”

Having just left Montreal, Michael and Luna are not far away from home now, with only weeks left in the journey. Michael can’t wait to reunite with friends and family to tell them all about his adventure.

Michael said: “I am missing friends and family in a big way. So yeah, I’m very much looking forward to getting back and seeing everyone and being able to tell some of the stories from this trip.”

Anyone looking to support Michael can go to: https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/michaelandlunarewild?fbclid=IwAR33oBnjBLsxLt8e4FIGc3-Y8bO7YQ1zw8vBJHrXCKfzflX699EBLmTCjaI

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