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Dunkeld Seeks Firefighters

LISTEN: Drife Cassles explains why members of the team or so important – Photo Credit: Pxhere

Dunkeld Fire Station is on the lookout for new recruits to come on board to train for on call positions.

The station covers a large area and, at present, does not have enough crew to man the operation.

Watch Commander at Dunkeld Fire Station, Drife Cassles, said:

“The station covers quite a large area and turns out incidents in our area and that includes Pitlochry, Aberfeldy and the North end of Perth.

“Just now there’s a shortage of cover. The retained stations when they have a single pump there, the full cover for the station would be 12 members on call that very rarely happens in the station’s due to the difficulty of getting people that would be available so just know we’ve got six, and that really isn’t good enough.

“Come the end of the year may lose more people so that hasn’t gone it cut numbers down, and this will affect the time that the fire engine will be available, and of course it’s such a vital service in the community.

Watch Commander Cassles emphasised that although fitness is important in the role, that should not put an end to anyone’s aspirations to get involved.

He added:

“We’re not asking for anybody to be super-fast but we’re just asking that they have a reasonable level of stamina to carry on.

“What is expected in a training event with the fire station would involve running, of course, on what they call a bleep test, so you’d be running back and forward, and you know you count the times you go back and forth that seems to be the one that pulls people up but all these can be overcome, just given a reasonable level of stamina and a bit of training, too, because we don’t expect you to do these things if we’ve got the right people, we’ll do our best to help you get through as part of the course.

“We’d love people to get interested in this, and to consider that as a part time job.

“The fire service does need a level of fitness, and that seems to be the biggest hurdle for most people.

“The fire service of course gives all the training – all different kinds of training to people so it is interesting.

“Really somebody about five to eight minutes from the station no more than that, that just wants to help people, and probably would be prepared to learn some new skills, just take an interest in the community.”

Dunkeld Fire Station are holding an Open Day on 15th August 2021 for potential new recruits to come along and get some information and ask any questions.

Watch Commander Cassles concluded: “If you’re interested, I’ll be glad to see you.”

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