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Dunkeld Shops Join Together to Support the Community

LISTEN: Simon Yearsley talks with Ramsay Beattie about what local shops are doing to support locals during the supermarkets refurbishment

Since Dunkeld’s supermarket is closed for refurbishments, local shops have banded together to make sure the community isn’t short on provisions and that vulnerable people still have access to supplies.

With the Co-Op closed for the foreseeable future, while refurbishments take place, the local marketplace has joined the PH8 group to help get shopping to the doors of people self-isolating and shielding.

Simon Yearsley, who runs the Scottish Deli with his wife, said: “It can be billed as very bad news when your local supermarket closes, but we’ve been aware of the temporary closure for some time.

“What we’ve done as a community is, we’ve probably come together from three aspects.”

First the group has liaised with the Co-Op that some customers would be happy to order their shopping from the Pitlochry store, so now customers can still keep their deliveries ongoing.

Mr Yearsley explained: “One is that we’ve worked with the Co-Op so that if people really want to carry on their shopping with the Co-Op, then they can do by placing orders online at the Pitlochry shop then the Co-Op delivers down to Dunkeld and Birnam three days a week, Monday, Wednesday and Friday.”

Working with the PH8 group, vulnerable people can have their shopping delivered to them if they can’t leave the house.

Mr Yearsley said: “Secondly, obviously we’re still in the grip of a second national lockdown for Scotland, as a community we’ve instigated the PH8 Support Group.”

“So, we have the ability for people who are shielding or self-isolating, if they or someone else in their family has COVID symptoms, then effectively we can get their shopping done for them through an ordering system.”

Finally, the group has made sure, that between them, they’re stocking some of the supplies which they usually wouldn’t so people don’t go without what they might usually find in the supermarket.

Mr Yearsley added: “There are eight independent retailers, which are still open and allowed to stay open, because their food shops, and we’ve got together and said ‘listen folks, you can buy ninety-nine per-cent of the things you can buy at the Co-Op at a range of food shops in the community anyway.

“So, we’ve got together and we have done a piece in our local bridge, which is a local newspaper, reinforcing the fact there are these eight shops which are still open.

“We’re trying our best to coordinate bits of stock that we have, we’re trying to make sure that if some folks come into the deli asking for some chicken or some lamb, we redirect them over the road to the butchers.”

People in the PH8 community, self-isolating or shielding with a letter from the doctor, can get in touch for support from the group over the phone on : 01350 73317

Or by emailing: ph8community@gmail.com

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