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Dunkeld’s Royal Horse Regiment Digitised and Preserved Forever

LISTEN: Ruth Brown explains what this means for the collection

The Dunkeld Community Archives holds the one-of-a-kind collection of the Regimental Scottish Horse who trained in Dunkeld before World War One.

Now their memory is being preserved forever, for everyone, now that the collection is online on the Ogibly Trust’s website.

Ruth Brown, local archivist, said: “We’ve always wanted to look at digitizing our Scottish horse collection, but doing that by yourself is very complicated and expensive. So, we actually got in touch with the army museums, Ogilby Trust it will be trust to help possibly fund that type of thing. They were delighted to hear that we were interested to join the project.”

Just recently, the Birnam Players put on their own performance of After Echo from Gallipoli to raise funds for the archive. They even used material from the collection in their production.

These materials can now be found online through the Ogibly Trust’s digital archive.

Ruth Brown added: “The Scottish horse collection is a very unique regimental archive in it’s completeness, but it’s about protecting that those documents. They are one-offs, there’s only one collection. And, if something happened to that collection, there’d be no record of it. And so to have it digitized, protect it.”

You can find more information on: https://www.theogilbymuster.com/

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