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E-Bike Charing Stations Link-up Highland Perthshire

LISTEN: Mike Stead explains how the four E-bike charging stations work in Highland Perthshire

Four new Bosch e-bike charging stations are up and running across Highland Perthshire now, allowing enthusiasts to get out without fear of range anxiety.

The stations are based in the Birnam Arts Café, Birnam, the Escape Route Café, Pitlochry, Highland Safaris, Dull, and Comrie Croft outside Comrie.

Within just a short time cyclist can lock their battery up into the stations and take the opportunity to explore the towns while their bikes charge up.

Highland Perthshire Cycling trustee, Mike Stead said: “The idea behind these is that people can ride their bike to these locations and they can then take their battery out, lock their bike up, take the battery up and put it into one of six charging cabinets.

“And then it can be charged up over a space of really between an hour to three hours depending on how full the battery is. So, you’ll get about half a charge within an hour.”

At the moment the charging stations only power up Bosch branded e-bikes, however, Bosch lead the way in e-bike technology in the UK.

But Mike is planning to install even more battery stations by the end of the year which will hopefully provide for all e-bike types.

Moving the e-bike stations to becoming more inclusive is part of the overall ambition to get more people into cycling and more people into cycling in Highland Perthshire.

As Mike says ‘there’s no better way to explore our countryside than from an e-bike.’

He suggests starting in Dunkeld and exploring the off beaten tracks, he explained: “You can then ride up across, for example, the Griffin Windfarm. There’s some gorgeous gravel roads through the windfarm with amazing views, you then get into forestry and then you’re down into the heart of Aberfeldy without really having gone near a road with traffic on it.”

More information on how the charging stations across Highland Perthshire can be found on: https://www.highlandperthshirecycling.com/

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