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Edinburgh Book and Film Festival Streams from the Birks

LISTEN: Giles Conisbee explains how they’re bringing the festival into the Birks

The Birks Cinema is bringing the Edinburgh Book and Film Festival to Aberfeldy by streaming live events on screen as well as projecting some of this year’s showcase films.

These will involve author events with titian names such as Ian Rankin Pat Nevin, Val McDermid, Salman Rushdie, and Kathleen Jamie and more.

Community Engagement Officer, Giles Conisbee explained: “Basically, it is taking place in a venue in Edinburgh, so you’ve got, say Sunday the 15th of August, you’ve got pat Nevin in conversation with Val McDermid, who is a really well-known Scottish crime writer, but she has a great love of football as well. I think she supports her Raith Rovers. So, they’re going to bounce off each other in terms of having a conversation, but they’re having it live.

“So, they’re having it in a venue onstage as part of the Edinburgh festival. And what we’re doing is we’re drawing it across the universe and presenting and rendering it up on the big screen at the Birks.”

With leading voices in Tartan Noir, freedom of speech, Scottish Poetry, the festival is also being accompanied by films such as Pig, Here today and Prince of Muck.

Anna Beedham, Enterprise Director at the Birks Cinema said: “I’m delighted to be working in partnership with these prestigious International Festivals to bring a pilot book and film programme to Highland Perthshire audiences, I look forward to welcoming our communities back into our beautiful, boutique Birks Cinema, Aberfeldy to experience this new, exciting range of literary and films event- experience this new, exciting range of literary and films event-experiences.”

Now that the cinema is reopen, putting on events such as this is important for Mr Conisbee since, for him, sharing stories are a crucial part of human nature.

He said: “And I think there’s also that social element isn’t there, we’ve always kind of gathered around. And so, there’s that connectivity, which I think large screens and cinemas play a role in bringing people together for a joint experience.

“Which is very different from engaging one-to-one with a, with a screen at home or, or a book, for example, it’s a very one-to-one relationship. So, I think there’s something that plays to our, our health and our psyche, if we come together to experience things.”

Their movies will show off some of the range of storytelling that cinema has to offer.

Anna Beedham added: “We’ll be showing the much-anticipated, opening film, Pig starring Nicolas Cage (18 August, 8pm) and the closing film title of the festival – Here Today, starring Billy Crystal (25 August, 8pm). There will also be a screening of Prince of Muck (19 August, 6pm), a feature documentary about Lawrence MacEwen – the Laird of the Isle of Muck.

“Stunningly shot and beautifully realised, this is a cinematic documentary of international class. In addition, each film will include bonus footage which takes the form of a Q&A with the cast and directors that has been especially selected by the festival organisers.” 

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