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Etape Returns to Highland Perthshire this Weekend

Around 3000 cyclists are set to take place in this year’s Etape on Sunday.

There are 85- and 40-mile events on offer to cyclists who will race throughout Highland Perthshire and is the 15th year it is taking place. 

Whilst the race took place last year, this weekend marks the first time it is truly back to normal after two years of the pandemic. 

Limelight Sports’ Gary Willis said: “I think we’re back to how it was originally in every way.

“Last year was a big challenge with Covid and making the event happen. Changing the route round was really difficult and did impact a lot of people.”

There will be some road closures as a result of the cycle race. Details can be found here.

Mr Willis added: “Obviously with road closures there’s going to be inconvenience for someone and we do recognise that. 

“You can get in contact with us via our website if you have any doubts and someone will get back in touch with you if you have any questions.

“We did a mail drop around the businesses and accommodation on the route as well.”

Anyone wishing to see the routes the cyclists will take can see them at: https://limelightsports.club/files/2022/Etape_Caledonia_routes.pdf. If residents have any questions, or require help regarding Etape Caledonia, they can get in touch on: hello@etapecaledonia.com.

Mr Willis said: “The town always does feel busy on the Saturday and the Sunday and we’re always trying to increase numbers and get more people into the area and also just bring people from further afar.

“I think the further afar we can get people from then the more time they’re going to spend in the area.”

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