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Eve Muirhead Opens the New School Yurt at Grandtully Primary School

Grandtully Primary School welcomed local Olympic hero Eve Muirhead to the official open their new Yurt. The new outdoor space will provide the school with a unique and memorable learning experience for all the 34 children currently enrolled at the school.

The pupils, parents and staff are all committed to outdoor learning and to environmental studies, with the yurt allowing the school to develop new learning experiences for the children based around an outdoor education.

Head Teacher of Grandtully Primary School Mrs Forrest shares what the Yurt will be used for saying: “that’s what we’re going to be thinking about and finding out over the next few months and years. It’s going to be very much an evolving space; we’ll use it for lots of different things. Its only been in situ for about a week so far but we’ve already been using it for, storytelling principally but we’ve got lots and lots of ideas of how we’ll use the space in the months and years to come.”

A parent commented that on walking into the yurt it felt like it was giving you a hug.

Parent Council Secretary Rachel Rowley explains how the Yurt came about saying: “So it came very much an idea that was generated by the school and by the pupils themselves and by the staff.

“We have a really good working relationship with the team here is a fantastic local wee school with 34 pupils, and they’re full of ideas. So they came to us with this idea after COVID that they’d like to extend the use of their learning spaces and make the most of every available space.

“They do lots of learning outside, but obviously that’s subject to the weather. So having a more sheltered space outside was really the dream. So they came to us with this as a wishlist item, and we decided we were going to put our minds together and make sure we raised enough money to fund a Yurt.”

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