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Farmers and Government Meet to ‘End the Blight of Fly Tipping.’

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Groups who work and have an interest in the environment are meeting to see what can be done to ‘end the blight of fly tipping.’

Murdo Fraser, representative for Mid Scotland and Fife, met with NFU Scotland, the Woodland Trust, Scottish Land & Estates, Police Scotland and Keep Scotland Beautiful to try find the next steps to the solution.

Now Mr Fraser and the organisations who met with him are looking to put forward a private members bill on the issue.

Murdo Fraser said: “I’m thankful to everyone who attended our round table meeting, which proved to be very productive. 

“Everyone who attended acknowledged that something needs to be done to address this growing problem. 

“I am focused on changing the law to clamp down on fly-tipping by toughening up fines to act as more of a deterrent, as it is apparent that the current penalties are not working.”

Things such as rotting meat, asbestos, rubble, tyres, batteries, pallets and more have all been some of the rubbish finding themselves on the properties of farmers and out in the countryside.

A spokesperson for NFU Scotland said: “While there were many innovative and creative ideas raised, all agreed there was no one single “silver bullet” to tackle the issue of flytipping and what is instead required is a joined-up and collaborative approach which looks at everything from accessibility of household waste recycling to the latest technology that allows people to report flytipping with ease.”

Land owners have complained that they’ve been made responsible for the mess, they’re usually left to clean up the mess or face a fine.

Mr Fraser added: “I am also keen to examine how we can shift the liability for cleaning up fly-tipping to the offenders who ditch the waste, instead of the current unfair practice where innocent landowners are accountable, and how to better collect information on fly-tipping.

“While I will still be meeting a range of other key interested groups on this topic, after such an encouraging initial response, I have decided to introduce a Members’ Bill to make the necessary changes to the law.”

Fly-tipping has been a growing issue in Perth and Kinross, alongside dirty camping, more and more calls for something to be done have been mounting up as time passes.

Mp for Perth and North Perthshire, Pete Wishart added: “I am pleased to hear that progress is being made with bringing all interested parties together to help tackle the problem of fly-tipping. Fly-tipping has been a particular problem over the years in Perth and Kinross, especially in the more rural areas. In 2019 it was revealed that despite nearly 4,000 reports in an 8 year period, Perth and Kinross Council had not succeeded in securing a single successful prosecution to court. Anything which will discourage people from fly-tipping and ensure that those who do so are properly punished, is very welcome.”

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