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Farmers Given the Opportunity to Have Say on Labour Shortage

Photo Credit: aaron gilson

Farmers in Highland Perthshire can have their say on the number of staff they have access to as shortages are reported across the industry.

Aberfeldy farmer, and chair of NFU Scotland, Martin Kennedy spoke at a recent conference and launched the survey there.

The short-life survey is looking to find out the scale of the problem being reported by the Scotland Food & Drink and the Scottish Tourism Alliance, NFU England and Wales as well as the Road Haulage Association.

Policy manager David Michie said: “The shortfall in both permanent and seasonal workers across Scottish agriculture is at crisis level.

“A recent survey has already identified that, for our horticultural members, seasonal staffing levels are 20 percent below where they need to be.  We are also hearing, on a daily basis, problems being encountered on pig, poultry and dairy farms in securing permanent staff.

“By creating this week-long short-life survey, that will take only minutes to complete, we aim to provide a robust response to a UK government call for evidence that closes at the end of next week.

“Responses to this survey will not only provide us with hard evidence to lobby the UK Government, but they will also help when we lobby Scottish government and talk to industry, and labour, education, and skills providers.”

More information on the survey can be found on: https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/37ZF3PG

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