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Feedback Sessions Take Place for Pitlochry’s Community Action Plan

Feedback sessions for Pitlochry’s Community Action plan have now taken place, allowing a final plan to be written up. 

The sessions followed on from surveys distributed back in December asking residents and businesses what they felt needed improving in the town. 

The event allowed people to view the feedback from those surveys and then vote for what they felt needed prioritising. 

Across the two days, around 400 people attended the event. 

Community connector Julia Harriman said: “We’re so pleased at the turnout. There’s been all ages coming and loads of people from the whole community so we’re delighted at the whole response.

“People are really invested in Pitlochry and making it a good place to live.”

Pitlochry High Schools’ Primary Two class performed a dance to ‘Happy’ whilst there was also a poetry reading and a range of other musical acts. 

A range of topics were discussed from public transport to housing to making the town better for younger people. 

Lesley Campbell from Star Development, who helped organise the survey, said: “I think what you’re seeing today is people not just putting a sticker down and walking away but actually taking part in something they want to be involved in going forward. 

“We need to keep that message going in the community that we need people to be part of all this and that we can make something happen out of it.” 

Once all the feedback has been analysed, a final report will be drawn up to show what everybody thinks. 

Another, smaller event will then take place where people can go along and hear the final plan. 

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