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Feldy Roo Fitness Trail Gate Opens Up

The Feldy Roo Fitness Trail gate is now welcoming visitors with a new gate and fence which lead to the newly improving main path.

Feldy Roo Fitness is continuing Aberfeldy’s goodwill, after delivering over 50,000 free meals during lockdown, by launching an effort to make the town more accessible.

Their plan is to do this in three phases, the first is planning on improving the quality of the ground to make the riverside an easier place to visit, the second is to start a Park Run event in the improved grounds and the third phase is planning on linking the riverside with the rest of the town.

Peter Howell, of the Upper Tay Paths Group, explained: “Aberfeldy’s a great area, we’ve got lots of paths around here, there’s lot of short paths, there’s long treks, so there’s a huge range of options.

“But what we’re really missing is really accessible paths, by that I really mean paths that are smooth surface, level, that anybody can use, and really thinking about families with young children, older folk, people with any sort of mobility issues.”

Accompanying the new fence and gate is six new park benches made of ‘quality recycled’ materials.

Four of the benches have sponsors, with two more sponsorships available. The sponsorships are helping to fundraise for the project.

A spokesperson for the fitness trail said: “At a cost of £1000, we will install the bench, cemented securely to the ground and add a name plate with the wording of your choice. Please get in touch if you would like to claim one before they are snapped up.”

The new gate, which is now in use, opens the door to a much-improved path made up of stones and gravel.

This new surface will be much more resistant against flooding and it is hoped that it will retain its shape after heavy rainfall and floods.

These are important factors in allowing more people access to the outdoors because they allow for people of differing abilities to use the trail.

Johnathan Mill, Healthiest Town Aberfeldy co-founder, explained: “Now Scotland for decades has been known as the sick man of Europe with some of the worst health figures, and although we are surrounded by beautiful outdoors and it’s great if you’re a mountain biker or skier or climber it’s not that accessible to everyone.

“So, whether you’re in a buggy as a baby, or in a wheelchair or potentially getting a little bit older it can be quite daunting to get out into the great outdoors that surrounds us.”

Online, local commented: “So much better and easier to access with kids, bikes and the dog! Thank you.”

More information about the project can be found on: https://www.facebook.com/FeldyRoo

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